Apartments on the Bay are located in a quiet neighbourhood on the very shore. At the same time, the centre of Puck with its marketplace, pier and marina is just a few hundred metres away. There are several interesting hiking trails in the area: the blue trail from Puck to Wejherowo, the black trail of the Mechowo Caves from Puck to Krokowa, and the yellow trail from Puck to Swarzewo through the scenic Coastal Landscape Park. Our investment project is located next to the international biking route R10, which can be followed to Gdynia. Apartments on the Bay is a perfect place for enthusiasts of active recreation and water sports. Live right next to one of Europe’s best spots, which hosts European and world sailing and windsurfing championships in various classes.




The region boasts one of Poland’s most unique bike routes, which is part of the international bike trail R10 and follows the coast practically for its whole length. It offers a number of attractions, vistas of the Bay of Puck and an opportunity to learn about the culture of Northern Kashubia.

The route is as follows: Świnoujście – Międzyzdroje – Dziwnów – Rewal – Kołobrzeg – Mielno – Darłowo – Jarosławiec – Ustka – Łeba – Władysławowo – Gdynia – Sopot – Gdańsk – Elbląg – Frombork – Braniewo – Gronowo. The route crosses three voivodeships: the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.

The route is rather easy and largely consists of dedicated cycling paths (along the Hel Peninsula), asphalt roads, concrete slab roads and, occasionally, forest paths (between Puck and Gdynia).
You can stop the trip at several points (for instance, in Puck) and go back to Gdynia by train. While in Puck, you might change the direction and go towards Krokowa (via a new 17-km bike path replacing a former railway) or towards Rumia via the R10 route. There are several tourist attractions worth seeing between Hel and Puck, including: the lighthouse, the seal sanctuary and fortifications in Hel, the “Pod Strzechą” (“Under the Thatch”) museum and “Chata Rybacka” (“Fisherman’s Hut”) museum in Jastarnia, a wide beach, a fishing harbour and the Butterfly Museum in Władysławowo, and the Sanctuary of St. Mary of Swarzewo, a baroque chapel, a small harbour on the Bay of Puck and an open-air fishing museum in Swarzewo. As you continue your trip towards Gdynia, you can also visit Oksywie, Mechelinki, Rewę, Osłonino and Rzucewo with its Jan III Sobieski Castle and a horse stud with a riding school.

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The Puck Port serves as a port, fishing harbour and a yacht marina. It is a centre of the local fishing fleet and a hub of water sports activities and yachting tourism, which is becoming increasingly popular. Located on the Kashubian Coast, to the west of the Bay of Puck, the port comprises of two dock separated by a beach and facilities of the Scouts’ Sea Centre. The yachting (sailing) marina of Puck accepts vessels with a maximum hull length of 20 metres and a maximum draught of 2.8 metres. The administrator of the marina on behalf of the town’s authorities is the Municipal Centre for Culture, Sports and Recreation.

The Bay of Puck is rather shallow and forms the western part of the Bay of Gdańsk. Due to its unique conditions, it is a prime destination for water sports enthusiasts. During summertime, Puck hosts sailing regatta events almost every week, both in Olympic and non-Olympic ISAF classes. There is also water tram service available in summer from the TriCity to Jastarnia and Hel, and the way back can be done, for instance, on a bike. In addition, local operators offer cruises on the bay.

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The Bay of Puck is one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing destinations in Europe. Its warm and shallow waters, small waves and mild winds provide perfect conditions for enthusiasts of these sports.

It was near Puck where Zofia Klepacka, Olympic medallist in windsurfing, honed her skills. The windsurfing schools in Puck and nearby offer lessons for children and adults, and you can rent the equipment if you don’t have your own.

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The Bay of Puck has a great angling potential. Spring is the season for sea trout, garfish and herring, summer is the season for Prussian carp, roach and perch, autumn is the season for herring and sea trout, and winter is the sea trout season, provided there is no ice on the bay.

The bay itself is a huge body of water that is part of the Baltic Sea and the western part of the Bay of Gdańsk. Located between the Hel Peninsula and the Hel-Gdynia line, it has a total area of 364 square kilometres and a maximum depth of 55 metres. However, most of the bay is relatively shallow.

The major cities, towns and villages on the bay include: Puck, Władysławowo, Jastarnia, Hel, a part of Gdynia, Mechelinki, Rewa, Osłonino and Rzucewo. There are many shoals in the bay that should be navigated with care. The largest ones include: Mewia Rewa, Borowska Mielizna and Długa mielizna. There are also depth areas in the bay: Chałupska Jama and Kuźnicka Jama.

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Apartments on the Bay are located in a quiet neighbourhood on the very shore. At the same time, there are retail and service outlets, a hospital, railway station, a marina and water sports rental services just several hundred metres away. There are kindergartens and schools as well.

There are several interesting hiking trails in the area. The 33-km blue trail from Puck to Wejherowo follows the Puck Cliff and continues through Rzucewo and Mrzezino, winds its way through the forests around Wejherowo, and ends in the Wejherowo Calvary; the black trail from Puck to Krokowa, also known as the Trail of the Mechowo Caves (created during the last glaciation, the Mechowo Caves are Poland’s shortest underground tourist route and the only formation of its kind in the whole European Lowlands), offers 30 kilometres of beautiful landscapes of Puck Region; the yellow trail from Puck to Swarzewo crosses the scenic Coastal Landscape Park.

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The Puck skatepark, miniature golf course and a new building on the town’s stadium have been constructed as part of the “Aktywny Puck” (Active Puck) programme. The funds for this project were provided by the North Kashubian Fisheries Local Action Groups. The skatepartk features a bowl which allows skaters to perform many interesting tricks.

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Puck beach is a perfect spot for enthusiasts of relaxation, sunbathing and water sports. The wide beaches and shallow depths even at a dozen metres into the bay make it an ideal place for children to play in water, as well as for taking your first steps in windsurfing and sailing. There are also courts for playing beach volleyball. Note that the area where our investment project is located has the warmest water in the whole bay. This means you can enjoy swimming in summer and admire a beautiful landscape in winter.

Major tourist attractions of Puck include cruises on the bay. The town also has a small pier and an ostrich farm nearby. Many cultural events are held during summertime, and the beach often hosts small stages playing summer music. Recently, Puck was visited by several famous singers, including Justyna Steczkowska and Kayah.

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